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When determining bail a judge will consider the accused flight risk and the severity of the crime. If an accused has a criminal history, or a history of not showing up for court appearances, that may affect a judge’s decision about bail. The judge may consider whether the suspect is a risk to others, whether the accused has ties to the community, the stability of residence, work history and the nature of the crime. As a result of this information, release conditions and bail terms are established. Ultimately, the bail is at the judge’s discretion, although some jurisdictions have bail schedules, which set a standard bail amount.  

Posting Bond
 Once a judge has determined an amount for bond, the suspect usually can be released if he or she posts the bond in cash or in assets. If the accused or the family of the accused does not have the money or the assets to pay for bond, they can apply to a bail bondsman. Nationwide Bail Bond Agents is a directory you can search to find a local bail bondsman. Bondsman charge a percentage of the bond amount, usually between 10 and 15 percent of the bond money depending on the state and will supply the rest of the money so that the suspect can leave jail. If a suspect cannot afford bail or a bail bondsman, he or she can appeal the bond through his or her attorney.